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Mario Fenech has 15 years experience in the media. He has the ability to connect with people across all ages and cultures. Mario is backed by a team of media and marketing professionals who know how to use his talents to engage your audience. Feel free to contact us to find out how Mario can boost your business and brand awareness. Here are a few of Mario’s latest campaigns.


Web Presenter

Have Mario Fenech (‘the Falcon’) appear on your website. Mario will capture the attention of everyone that visits your website, as he explains the key value of your product/service. Watch your traffic sky- rocket, as people send their friends links to your website to watch Mario. Mario’s production team can handle the entire production process, from script-writing, shooting the video and integrating it into your website. Click here to find out how you can get Mario on your website.



Mario is a seasoned professional when it comes to television. He’s had over 15 years experience as a TV presenter with both Channel 9 and FOX Sports. Mario has also filmed a long list of TV commercials for a variety of businesses and knows how to engage an audience through the camera. Click here to find out how Mario can engage your audience in your next TVC.



Mario has one of those voices that grabs people’s attention. Mario speaks from the heart, with passion and enthusiasm. It’s impossible not to get excited about whatever Mario talks about. Click here to find out how Mario can put together a Radio campaign that will get your phones ringing off the hook.



Mario’s reputation as a clean-skin and his popularity across all ages and cultures makes him an asset to any marketing and branding initiative. Mario is instantly recognised whether he’s in video, audio or print. Click here to find out how Mario can increase consumer confidence and trust people in your product/service.
Client Testimonials


Harvey Norman


Harvey Norman has been working with Mario for 10 years. Mario’s recently featured in our 2009 Triple Treat TVC and also starred in a version of the YouTube Linebacker Terry Tait video. Mario is a legend to work with and he always puts in 110%.


Lyndal Gabriel

Harvey Norman
TV & Radio Manager



Club Coupon


Our product is related to schools and sporting clubs therefore we were looking for a celebrity to represent our product who was not only popular, but a great role model. Mario being a non-drinker and known for his commitment to health, fitness and wellbeing made him an obvious choice. Mario has proven to be a great asset to our business.

Denis McPhellamy
Club Coupon




We totally underestimated Mario’s popularity beyond Rugby League. Since Mario has been promoting our range of QLINK products we have seen a measurable increase in sales across all demographics.

Michael Kelly
QLINK Australia





If you’re looking to increase your sales I highly recommend you get Mario Fenech involved in your next marketing campaign. The campaigns Mario has done for BAMS have all delivered beyond expectation.

Brian Zammitt
BAMS Commercial Fitouts





Our crew have filmed Mario Fenech for a number of advertising campaigns. We see a lot of celebrities and can say without doubt that Mario is the most professional. His talent and experience in the media make him a pleasure to work with.


Najib Raad